WS-18 Overview

The WS-18 is our latest concept in Drive In restaurant communication technology. Designed specifically for the QSR industry, the WS-18 Switchboard offers multiple configurations to meet any Drive In restaurant's needs. Key components comprise of the following:

SCC-18 Switchboard Control Center

The SCC-18 is designed to control multiple banks of 32 stations in a network environment and offers the following features:

  • Wired and/or Wireless Switchboard Consoles
  • Up to Three (3) Simultaneous Users
  • Separate Output for Kitchen Speaker Monitor
  • Stand Alone System Operation or Integrate with GRS-18 POS System

WSCa-18 Wireless Switchboard Console

The WSCa-18 is a touchscreen switchboard that operates on an Android OS platform. It can be easily configured by the user for their specific operations and features:

  • Interactive Numbered Station Buttons
  • Priority Cue Answering
  • Listen/Talk Audio Toggle
  • On-Board Sound Alert

WHS-18 Wireless Headset System

The WHS-18 is a well designed wireless system that offers the operator mobility for order taking. The system includes:

  • Light Weight Adjustable Headset with Volume Control
  • Transmitter Hub with Master Microphone/Earpiece Volume Control
  • Dual Lithium Battery Charging Station