GRS-10 POS System

The GRS-10 POS System is customizable to provide a smooth and efficient environment for you to manage your business.

GRS-10 employs reliable, cutting edge technology, proven methods, and on-demand and real-time support. Each GRS-10 POS System is tailored to provide your restaurant business with:

  • Improved customer satisfaction through better server-to-customer interactions and stream lining of order processing and tracking.
  • Better management of operations with practical and easy-to-use inventory control and reporting tools.
  • Real-time data analysis and marketing techniques enabling the operators to better compete in today´s economic environment.
  • More efficient use of power that saves you money and reduces the business environmental impact.
  • Improved working environment, employee satisfaction, and a greater return on your investment.
  • Encrypted and Secure protection to allow remote access and off site back up.

TS-10 Terminal

WH-10 Terminal

SM-10 Station Monitor

ST-10 & ET-10 Printers

BOH-10 Software