GRS-10 Service Bundle

Robiccon’s “GRS-10 Service Bundle” is a “Flexible POS Subscription Service” configured to improve your operations and profits. The effect of the   “GRS-10 Service Bundle” is as shown:



A “GRS-10 Service Bundle” Can Help Create Repeat Customers at Your Restaurant!

Note: Researchers at Harvard have found that if you increase Repeat Customer visits by 5% you can raise your Profits anywhere from 25-95%

Eighteen (18) Customers who switched to “GRS-10 Service Bundle” reported significant improvements in Services, Operations, Customer Interactions and Satisfaction over their previous POS systems.

86% of Customers reported Continuous and Reliable Services.

85% of Customers reported Streamlined Operations.

70% of Customers reported Customer Interactions.

60% of Customers reported Customer Satisfactions.

A Customer who enrolled in the “GRS-10 Service Bundle” and purchased Robiccon’s “LP-10 Loss Prevention System” reported a 50% decrease in Payroll Expense, 90% drop in Shrinkage and a 20% increase in Profits!

The “GRS-10 Service Bundle” is a “Flexible Subscription Service”, which may include:

  • Hardware and Software.
  • IPA-10 Credit Card Processing.
  • Programming, Installation and Training.
  • Seven (7) Day On-Demand Support.
  • Maintenance of All System Components.
  • Management and Reporting Software.
  • Software Updates and Enhancements.
  • Web Page Access for Daily Remote Reporting.
  • Secure Off Site Back-Up.
  • Shipping and Traveling Expenses.

The benefits of the “GRS-10 Service Bundle” are even more apparent in individual customer comments including:

“I love it. It has improved my Entire Operations!” – Peggy Stencel A&W Restaurant

“It is a Good System, with Good Support and at a Good Price!” – Jeff Griffith Griffith’s Drive-In

“It is a Nice System and a Job Well Done.” – Mike Saleh A&W Restaurant

“It is a Better System and the Menu Building is easier!” – Roger Stephens B&K Drive-In